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Date: February 26, 2003

SISD Block Scheduling


I'm the parent who asked for answers on Block Scheduling at the January SISD board meeting. Like Kris Carter reported, I have yet to receive the answers to my questions or even an acknowledgement that my questions are being reviewed by anyone in the SISD administration. Here is the list of questions which The SISD administration, to date, has chosen to ignore: 1.Why are parents excluded from discussions on district plans to implement block scheduling at the high school? 2.Why are there no publications and/or handouts given to parents informing them of the possible change, along with the advantages and disadvantages of block scheduling? 3.Will band students and students in competitive sports take band and athletics all year? 4.What new courses will be offered with the new scheduling? 5.What hard data and research support the transition to block scheduling? 6.Why are parents not being told about the Canadian research studies on the harmful effects of block scheduling? 7.Are there multi-year studies tracking objective test performance which can show a benefit to block scheduling? 8.Can any school district in the United States, after having been involved in block scheduling for five or more years, report significantly increased academic performance? 9.How much money has been spent in the district seminars, tapes and other materials endorsing block scheduling? 10.What pro-block consultants or experts have been hired? 11.If there is any doubt as to whether this is a positive change to our students, WHY are we changing? I finished my list of questions with the following statement: "I STRONGLY BELIEVE THAT THE MONTWOOD HIGH SCHOOL COMMUNITY BE GIVEN AN HONEST REPLY TO THE ABOVE QUESTIONS. THANK YOU FOR YOUR TIME AND CONSIDERATION" A week and a day after I presented the SISD board and administration with these questions. The Montwood High School students made their own "statement". While the SISD and EPPD police responded to that situation immediately, I and the Montwood High School Community are still waiting for our answers.

Sincerely, Robert Valles 


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