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Date: October 24, 2002

Some Sanchez Supporters are Cry Babies

I am supporting Rick Perry and John Cornyn in the coming election and I proudly display their bumper stickers on my vehicle. In the past two weeks I have had Tony Sanchez bumper stickers cowardly placed on my vehicle while it was parked in various locations in the city. I have also seen signs for Rick Perry and John Cornyn torn down and replaced with Tony Sanchez signs in my neighborhood - another childish act. Now we hear about protestors who can not accept the endorsements of Rick Perry and John Cornyn by the El Paso Times. The endorsements were well thought out and based on the fact that electing these two Republicans is what is best for El Paso. Some people are just blind sheep who can not accept the fact Tony Sanchez is wrong for El Paso and so all they can do is cry about it. I guess some people never grow up.

Jack C. Ansley

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