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Date: March 17, 2003

Support Our Troops

To the Editor:

As morning dawns on a beautiful springlike day in New England, coffee shop talk revolves around the President being on television this evening.  The conservative nature of the residents often makes it seem like we are cold and aloof.  This is far from the truth, however.  Our reserve is steely and our mettle strong…we simply don’t wear it on our shoulders for the world to observe.

Folks are discussing the nature of the speech which the President will address.  We are about to declare war and yet there is cautious optimism in the air.  With all of our peacekeeping efforts exhausted, we face a different challenge sending our military strength to eliminate one of the world’s greatest enemies to peacekeeping.  For those who choose to oppose this step, the Bill of Rights and Constitution defend your right to opposition…for those of us who support this step, peacekeeping is a necessary fact of life.

Tomorrow morning the sun will rise, we will go to our jobs and nothing will have changed except for the fact that many of us have children bearing arms to keep peace in a maddening world.  We will drink our coffee while our sons and daughters sip TANG and eat a hurried meal on the battlefield.  We will commute to work while our sons and daughters travel on battleships and tanks to keep peace.  We will spend hours trying to earn our pay while our sons and daughters get paid cheaply to put their lives on the line for the rest of the world.

There is little satisfaction with war…children die needlessly because of historical conflicts.  It matters not what country is involved…death is the sacrifice.  There is no comfort zone for mothers when their children are facing death…you know that it is a possibility that your child will be buried to keep peace.  You remain optimistic because you have no other alternative.

If the President declares war this evening, mothers worldwide will be sleeping less.  They will remain strong of heart and pray a great deal more.  The mothers of the world will be hopeful but they will be crying inside.  The mothers of the world will be united in the strength of their numbers but they will be mindful of the fact that thousands of body bags are being shipped to the Middle East with all of the other materials needed for war.  The mothers of the world will kiss their children goodbye, offer a final hug and then go home knowing that this could be the last moment they will hug their son or daughter. 

This is no time for grandstanding gestures.  The mothers of the world will accomplish nothing by protesting a war that is meant to keep peace.  What will accomplish miracles is for the mothers of the world to wear red, white and blue with pride.  If you have a child serving, call your local American Legion to order your banner and proudly display the white stars indicating your child is of service to the United States.  Do not waste your time trying to change the minds of the discordant factor or those who protest against their President---it is pointless and you will achieve nothing.  Instead, state your pride quietly by wearing your colors and join in a dignified statement of support.

Norma Piermarini Marshall via e-Mail

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