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Date: February 11, 2003

"Drought Emergency"

Here come more lies again. Lies that are being told to try and hide the mismanagement and incompetence that exists in this city. Lies about this so called “drought emergency”. FOURTEEN water districts in El Paso County are NOT declaring emergencies. Juarez has not declared an emergency. Las Cruces has not declared one and Dona Ana County has not declared one. The “drought emergency” lies are being perpetuated by Ed Archuleta and mayor Ray Caballero. The water supply problem started as a result of incompetence at managing our city's water resources, then it was blown out of proportion in an apparent attempt to control growth. Some people, like Ed Fifer, General Manager of the El Paso County Water Improvement District number 1 and attorney Theresa Caballero, have tried to shed some light on the situation. The PSB failed to claim thousands of gallons of water that we were entitled to last summer - it was an amount sufficient to supply over 30,000 households. The PSB failed to negotiate contracts with water rights owners who have water to sell. The PSB also wasted millions of dollars paying for lobbyists and lawyers and engineers to try to get the power to confiscate water from its rightful owners. This city is controlled by spoiled little kids that only think of themselves. There is no vision. There is no real concern for the future. It is time for El Pasoans to wake up and demand honest leadership.

Jack C. Ansley

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