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Date: April 8, 2003

El Paso Times has Options

To the Editor:

Maybe the protestors should not make whether the paper carries the explicit ads the issue, but where they carry them and what is shown in them. Several years ago I participated in the program sponsored by the El Paso Times to encourage teachers to use newspapers in the classrooms as teaching aides. Several of the lessons were related to following sports events to learn statistics, etc. My students really got excited about the lessons, unfortunately I had to discontinue using the sports section due to the inappropriate ads that appeared on the same pages as the scores we were using. I also presume that the sports section is probably the most often read section by high school students who's games are covered there. My suggestion as a business person would be not to ban the ads, but to establish a policy that addresses the explicitness of the ads being placed. I do believe allowing some of the photos that have recently appeared contradicts your community service which places those newspapers in the classrooms and school libraries. It's not an easy issue, but rather than refusing to address it, the Times should look at their options and work with the community. Thus creating a win-win situation.

D. Ivey - via e-Mail

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