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Date: May 7, 2005

Not to Trade Agreements

With so much talk about illegal immigration, loss of US jobs, culture warfare, and terrorism, what is our state, local, and federal governments doing to ensure the US citizens are being represented and protected, and our United States land sovereign? The US Congress is going to vote on two "trade agreements" that will forever change the freedoms of America. One of these "trade agreements" is called CAFTA--Central American Free Trade Agreement--which is being voted on in May/June. To be brief, this manifesto will promote active transferring of economic power to other countries in the effort to make all countries in the Central and Northern Americas equal in the economic and governmental playing field. What this means that more US jobs will leave the United States and a severe depression in the United States will ensue, depending on the strength of those that have no loyalty to the United States. To make matters worse, our President, along with many US Representatives and Senators, are in full support of CAFTA (with Vicente Fox) and relinquishing even more power to a hemispheric group under the guise of the FTAA--Free Trade Area of the Americas. This will mean that the United States will only be a state of a Americas Union, just like the EU--European Union. The United States would not be able to establish a preventative border, keep killers and drug cartels out, and the small business class and the middle class will die out due to extreme low cost wages being an incentive for bigger businesses. Free trade agreements do not support free trade. They are documents full of ways to highly regulate not only trade but the very substance of how we are able to live in this country....Freedom. Please, if you have any thoughts on how NAFTA has damaged El Paso and our nation, tell and urge your businesses and your elected Reps and Senators that you will not support them if they support these agreements. In fact, supporting NAFTA, CAFTA, and FTAA are killers of our Republic form of Democracy. Supporting these agreements are actually acts of treason. - James Ratcliff
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