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Date: February 2, 2004

More Money for Parks?

In the May 2000 "Quality of Life" Bond election, voters approved $75 million dollars for for El Paso Parks & Recreation projects.   These monies were for approximately 144 park projects for all El Paso parks.

Taxpayers will be paying for this $75 million for decades.  So why is City Council again asking taxpayers on February 7 to approve on Proposition 1 $4,560,000.00 for Parks and Recreation projects? It is unfair for City Council to continue burdening taxpayers in this manner, piling up payment of bonds in perpetuity  for projects that are way down on the list of importance.  Police, fire, EMS, public safety, street repairs, and sanitation  should be at the top of the list of importance.

Our police department needs police officers, yet a basketball court is given more importance! El Pasoans should vote No for Proposition 1 and start insisting City Council start looking after taxpayers instead of basketball players.

Billy McCain


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