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Date: April 1, 2003

Objecting to Cichon's Article

To the Editor:

I read your character assassination of Mr. Cichon and wonder why it is not labeled as commentary? It is clearly a vitriolic attack on one particular candidate and shows a total distortion of the events that occurred. I am also a little concerned with your straw-man arguments of posing questions to the candidate and then answering them for him without even making an appearance that you even asked Mr. Cichon those questions. It is a real disservice to a community when the 'fourth estate' doesn't report the news. This is nothing more than a hit piece and begs the question of whether Martín Paredes' has any journalistic integrity.

Ian Kaplan - via e-mail

P.S. Can you be an accountant without being a CPA? I'm pretty sure you can't be.

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